The total cost of a project depends on a few things:

  • Type of project
    e.g., book, poster, e-book
  • Length of the project
    e.g., 10-page pamphlet, 300-page book with 80 photos
  • How many steps you want to involve me in
    e.g., proofreading, full design, or just finishing touches

Typically, a project can range in cost from the $100s for an initial clean-up to $1,000s for a multi-volume work. Initial consultations less than 30 minutes are free; unless otherwise noted, sessions longer than 30 minutes are considered billable consultations.

Prices are estimated according to how involved the project will be, which depends on what is included in it. For example, photos, captions, family trees, indexes, etc., all add to a book’s length. Likewise, the length of time needed to finish a project depends on how complete the files are when I get them. For example, manuscripts that have not yet been copyedited will take longer, and low-resolution photos often need to be rescanned or manipulated in Photoshop. Also, a book goes much faster if you have clearly marked the approximate locations of photos and captions.

Contact me by phone or email to discuss your project and get a free estimate. Once I have seen your files and skimmed through them, I can give you a much more accurate estimate. I can also give you ideas of how to save money by doing some steps on your own.

I routinely request clients’ permission to feature their project in my online portfolio. That way the entire world can oooh and ahhh over your final product.