“Wow” Appeal

I did a layout myself and felt quite pleased with my work, but the book just did not have that “wow” appeal. Now I realize I could have saved myself several hundred hours of work and enjoyed the process more fully in the meantime.
-George Dee Bankhead, family history book


Working Long-distance

Though I was living in St. Louis and he was living in Utah, Nathan walked me through the process of organizing images, developing the index, and other issues necessary prior to the printing of the book—all via phone and email.
-Tom Farmer, When the Saints Came Marching In


Clarifies Steps

I briefly told Nathan my dilemma, and in a short amount of time, he outlined for me a simple, clear-cut list of steps I would need to take to begin putting my book together. I went home and went to work, then met with him about a month later for more direction.
-Pat Carpenter, personal family history book


“Professional-level” Self Publishing

After seeing Nathan’s work at a book conference in Beverly Hills, someone emailed me saying, ‘To my eye, it appears to be self-publishing done right, on a professional level (for a change!).’
-Geri Marshall, author, Hannah Rose and the Prairie Fairies


Teaches You as He Goes

Wow! In an hour-and-a-half consultation, Nathan put my mind at ease, addressed all my questions, gave me lots of ideas by showing me examples of the work he has done, and taught me the basic principles of design that I will need.
-Pat Carpenter, personal family history book


Finds Problems Before They Happen

Nathan’s work is impeccable. He went beyond the standard expectation, identifying and flagging potential problems. He sought clarification before proceeding, rather than rushing through just to “get the job done.” He sought excellence and was careful to ensure it was done right.
-Boyd Tuttle, President, Digital Legend Press


Intuitive, Personable, Efficient

In software consultations, Nathan is fast and efficient, highly personable, and intuitively grasps what you are trying to accomplish.
-John S. Bradford, seminar organizer


Knowledgable and Encouraging

I left our consultation meeting with four pages of suggestions that will simplify the writing process, and with the excitement and confidence to go forward and create my book. –
Pat Carpenter, personal family history book


Competitive Price

I found Nathan to be competent, helpful, creative, and his price for labor very competitive.
-Fred Woods, When the Saints Came Marching In


Makes Your Project Appealing to the Eye

Nathan is careful and competent, willing and helpful. He writes well and has a great eye for putting information together in an appealing way. I hope to work with him on future projects.
-Susan Woods, author, The Transfer


Committed to Meeting Deadlines

I really appreciated Nathan’s flexibility and commitment to meet deadlines. I would highly recommend other authors working with him as he is service-oriented and wonderful to work with.
-Fred Woods, When the Saints Came Marching In


Referred Often by Others

Nathan Richardson was referred to us by a previous satisfied client to organize the text and design the cover of our book. Because of his efforts, the final product is better than I could ever imagine. I highly recommend him to complete any publishing project.
-Tom Farmer, When the Saints Came Marching In


Microsoft Excel Design

I was looking for help designing Microsoft Excel spreadsheets to track over 100 estate planning professionals for an upcoming seminar, and Nathan solved my problems. I highly recommend his services.
-John S. Bradford, seminar organizer


Uses Industry-Standard, Top-of-the-Line Book Design Software

Nathan has professional software, Adobe InDesign, and knows how to use it well. I am very impressed by his abilities and would recommend anyone to use his service
-Stephen Miller, author, Captain Justo from the Planet Is


Helps You Organize Your Project

For over ten years, I have been collecting information to write a book about my grandparents’ family, but haven’t known where to start or how to tackle such a huge project. Lucky for me, I stopped at Nathan’s booth at a Family History Conference.
-Pat Carpenter, personal family history book


A True Masterpiece

I did not know how to create a professional-looking family history book. Nathan turned my manuscript into a book that was a true masterpiece.
-George Dee Bankhead, family history book


Compimented by Top Publishers Worldwide

I got several compliments on Nathan’s flyer from professionals—the top agents and publishers of children’s books worldwide. In fact, one of the attendees suggested I refer him to her educational publisher in Texas who was looking for a book designer.
-Geri Marshall, author, Hannah Rose and the Prairie Fairies


Software Production Help

If you’re looking for immediate assistance on a software production project, Nathan will provide the help you need.
-John S. Bradford, seminar organizer


Consult with Him as Often as Needed

I can meet with Nathan as little or as often as I need help. And with the added talent and graphic design skills Nathan will bring to my project, I am now anxious to fulfill my dream and see my book in print!
-Pat Carpenter, personal family history book


Also Helpful for First-time Publishers

It was a pleasure to work with Nathan, myself being a first timer in the book publishing business. If you are confused, a first time publisher, or someone who needs help with the computer in preparing the text, Nathan Richardson is who you want and need.
-Tom Farmer, When the Saints Came Marching In


Beautiful and Unique Design

My flyer was much different than I expected, but was incredible. The text designs were beautiful and unique. It exceeded my expectations. I will definitely use Nathan in the future.
-Geri Marshall, author, Hannah Rose and the Prairie Fairies


Hiring Nathan Again

Nathan did a terrific job. His suggestions were great, and he helped me bring my book up to professional standards. I am using him to typeset my next book.
-Stephen Miller, author, Captain Justo from the Planet Is


First-class Design

His design work was truly first class. I would recommend that anyone considering creating a family history book—or any book for that matter—consult with Nathan.
-George Dee Bankhead, family history book